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The origin of the products on the table is crucial for European consumers in the present day. It is necessary to know when, how, and where the product was grown, especially in terms of ecology and animal cruelty. The local government of one of the European countries was interested in tracking the agricultural products supply chain.


There was no effective instrument for credible tracking of product origination, as most of them were vulnerable to unauthorized data changes. The application of blockchain technology solutions could guarantee data security, but it is sophisticated for implementation.

What we did

Conducted analysis of existing solutions in the market, both build with or without blockchain solutions
Designed a blockchain platform infrastructure for the chain of custody of agricultural products
Developed a blockchain platform implementation strategy that included action plan for the government side, local farmers side, and consumers

Results achieved

The blockchain platform was integrated into the chain of custody to work with local farmers
The popularity of local products increased due to the clarity of their origin
The central government discussed the possibility to scale up the regional project to the state level
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