Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Leopolis SLU (Societat Limitada Unipersonal), is incorporated and registered in the Principality of Andorra with the company number NRT L-716825-U, whose registered office is located at Carrer Esteve Albert, Bloc A, 1-2, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Principality of Andorra (hereinafter – Leopolis).

Visitors and users
Visitors or users of the online resources of Leopolis, namely Leopolis website, pages of the Leopolis on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or on other social media (hereinafter – Leopolis Resources), give consent to Leopolis for the processing, use, distribution of provided personal data exclusively in accordance with the legislation of Principality of Andorra.

Personal data
Clients` personal data (personal information, addresses, etc.) shall not be disclosed.

Leopolis provides technical and organizational security measures to protect such personal data.

Leopolis through Leopolis Resources processes the provided information in subsidiary and affiliated companies or in its own projects (if available), in other trusted organizations and individuals on its own behalf.

Leopolis Resources may contain links to other websites or platforms, visitors/users should read their privacy policy and content on their own. Leopolis Resources have nothing to do with the content, privacy policy of other websites or platforms that are not included in the Leopolis Resources list and are not responsible for their activities.

This policy applies only to information collected on Leopolis Resources. If visitors/users have questions about this policy, they can contact a representative of the Leopolis by the means of communication indicated on the Leopolis Resources.

Subject to availability of functionality, visitors/users are given the opportunity to participate in discussions on Leopolis Resources, including comments, recommendations, readers' points of view, reviews, ratings, etc.

Any information (content, comments, etc.) provided by you indicating your fictitious or real name, ID on any social network, or any image (photo/video, etc.) is public and may be used by us, in particular for advertising or commercial purposes in any mass media and platforms.

If you (visitor/user) comment or participate in discussions, you should be aware that any information provided by you can be read, collected or used by other visitors/users, in particular for publishing information on other resources or platforms, for sending unsolicited messages, etc. We are not responsible for the information that visitors/users provide in comments, we reserve the right to delete any of the comments (content) of visitors/users in case of inconsistency of the content of such comments (content) with legislation, moral rules, etc.

In case of recommending/sharing any article/information from our site on Facebook or other social networks, such actions are governed by the privacy policy and rules of the respective social network.

Use of Cookies
Leopolis uses third-party cookies to enhance users’ browsing experience, draw up statistical information, and track users’ browsing habits for advertising purposes. The processing of users’ personal information is based on the consent that they give when they accept the cookies information box that pops up on the website’s home page.

Cookies are small text files that the servers can download and keep in users’ device’s memory (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) in order to remember and recognize the users’ preferences in each of the visited websites.  Cookies can only be read by the device in which they were saved. They can never spread or contain viruses.

Cookies are stored in order to improve our services, customize the website, make user navigation easier, make measurements and get usage statistics, identify users in the different website sections or their position during a service delivery and show advertisements related to user preferences.  If you decide to use cookies, Leopolis will make your browsing faster, more comfortable and more efficient. Besides, we ensure that the information saved in the cookies will solely be used by Leopolis and will never be forwarded to third parties.  Nevertheless, your trust, security and privacy are the priority of Leopolis. Thus, we offer you the possibility to browse without cookies.

Rights of visitors and users
We inform you that, as the data subject, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, objection, erasure, restriction, portability and withdrawal of consent in accordance with the provisions of the law by sending a written communication to or Leopolis SLU, Carrer Esteve Albert, Bloc A, 1-2, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Principality of Andorra. You must attach or enclose a copy of your passport or other identity document so that we can verify your identity (the data you provide in this case will only be processed for the exclusive purpose of handling the exercise of your rights).

If you believe that your rights have not been satisfied, or in the event of any violation, you may file a complaint with the Andorran Data Protection Agency (APDA).

The visitor/user of the Leopolis Resource confirms that he accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy and considers that this Leopolis Group Privacy Policy is public and may change in the future. Changes made to the Privacy Policy are made known to visitors/users through Leopolis Resources and are effective after such disclosure.

Reviewed: December 2022