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With the rapid growth of AI, a lot of corporates worldwide started to get concerned about the local integration of AI tools within their departments. Leopolis Group already hosted a number of events related to the more sophisticated usage of AI tools for non-governmental organizations, international media, and bankers. Following one of the events, an international banking group reached out to our team aiming to integrate different AI tools within four departments of the client.


The main problem that international organizations face when it comes to implementing AI tools into their business processes is data privacy, since companies cannot disclose any confidential data related both to their workstreams and their direct clients.

What we did

Full AI integration plan within 4 departments of the client's organization using the upskilling vs. reskilling approach
Personal technical assistance to all employees throughout the duration of the contract and during 3 months post contract
A series of live training on data encryption techniques were held

Results achieved

The integration of AI tools lead to the improvement of efficiency and productivity within the departments
Cross-communication between the department was improved given the implemented automatic data transferring
All confidential data of the organization remained under protection given the sophisticated encryption process
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