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A leading banking group in Europe had a declining customer base, due to below-market customer experience and NPS. Unhappy clients were churning from the bank and switching to its direct competitors.


The bank needed to understand what was going on and to act quickly to survive in the high-competitive market. Initial research was indicating that certain customer groups were unsatisfied with the frontline services, cause due to the low quality of service provided by the bank. More in-depth analysis was needed with the recommendations of solutions to solve the situation and increase the customer experience.

What we did

Created customer journey maps both for online and offline experiences to identify key client issues
Evaluated knowledge level about the bank's services of frontline specialists
Implemented inner and outer loop methodology to prevent most valuable client groups from churning

Results achieved

Full deployment of customer experience methodology across the entire organization
Reduction in churn rate in existing customer base
Gradual improvement of the bank's NPS score reached
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