Energy critical infrastructure protection

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A CEE country has been subject to hostile actions that have endangered the lives of the people and the resilience of the national fundamental energy systems

The energy infrastructure has been under massive targeted attacks since the full-scale invasion started


Almost all national critical energy objects were hit or damaged in different ways

People encounter prolonged power outages and water shortages

Introducing air-defense systems’ protection for all critical energy objects was impossible due to the country’s size and existence of many important regional energy assets for protection

What we did

Conducted research of the national energy infrastructure system
Supported the development of a multi-layered protection solution that employs advanced technologies and proven protection strategies to counter the threats supported
Designed a model with an acute focus on the physical protection of crucial components of energy assets and possibilities of its production & installation localization
Structured a Feasibility study of the protection solution

Results achieved

Technical multi-layered protection solution was developed allowing to reach efficiency to protect critical energy assets against external threats from the air
Research support to the project team provided
Initial recommendations deck structured & completed
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