Heat efficiency strategy

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City counsel in Eastern Europe decided to develop further in energy efficiency sphere following the “green agenda” of the European Union and worldwide. Also, it was concerned about heat efficiency due to the sharp increase in natural gas prices and dependency of the country from the external supplies of natural gas.


City council was interested in decreasing of natural gas consumption by the city in total and increasing of heat efficiency by the municipal buildings for future costs optimization.

What we did

Analysis of gas consumption main trends and factors
Supply and demand channels of gas consumption were deconstructed in detail
Created a framework for initiatives evaluation to pick up the best ones
Evaluated initiatives in terms of time, costs, and effectiveness, and recommendations provided

Results achieved

Developed heating optimization strategy with costs and effectiveness breakdown
Budget for strategy implementation was approved, and the needed amount of funds was found
First stage of the strategy was successfully implemented and showed decrease in gas consumption in the city by 5%
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