Market entry strategy

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The foreign automotive producer was interested in entering the market of a CEE country. No one of the car brands of that country was presented there. The local names and some other brands were in the market, excluding used cars. As the market and transportation industry were rapidly growing at that time in that country, there was a strong demand for first-class buses.


The buses by a foreign producer could not fully fit a CEE country’s market needs. However, the producer did not have expertise in the market of entry. Market research and local expertise were crucial for developing the successful market entry strategy.

What we did

Conducted market research with a complex analysis of demand and supply in the market
Detected the most prominent niche for a foreign automotive producer
Developed market entry strategy with a five-year horizon

Results achieved

The first part of the automotive products produced in a foreign country was sold to a local city council in a CEE country
Location for the future plant was found in a CEE country
Contracted shipment of products for one year of a CEE country’s plant production
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