28 Feb 2023

How to Use ChatGPT in Internal Communications?

A review on how ChatGPT can be used in the internal communications in different organizations. This review provides information on the advantages and disadvantages of implementing ChatGPT in internal communications, ethical considerations and concerns, as well as the steps to be taken in order to integrate this tool.

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17 Feb 2023

ChatGPT's potential for business process automation

This review provides an extensive look on how ChatGPT can be used in order to automate business processes in the organization. It provides a list of business processes with instructions on how to automate them depending on the complexity of each process. This review also outlines the real-life benefits and trade-offs of automating business processes.

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26 Jan 2023


This article focuses on the potential of ChatGPT in developing corporate strategies. It demonstrates how different abilities of ChatGPT such as automated research, data insights, virtual assistance and business process automation can help to improve the corporate strategy in different organizations and unlock the business growth.

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05 Nov 2022

National Energy Resiliency During The War: Case Study

This research provides an overview of the military attacks on the electric plants that occurred over the century. Based on the historical perspective, it shows the mistakes done by different countries that challenged the resiliency of electric plants. Finally, based on the case of Ukraine in 2022, it describes what measures can be applied in order to ensure the resiliency of national electric grid.

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