23 Dec 2022

Ukrainian game development market in a nutshell

This analysis provides an overview of the gaming industry in Ukraine using a new methodology by taking into account the streamline data instead of revenue data. You will be able to discover the size of the Ukrainian gaming industry including the revenue and number of R&D offices, its performance, and the latest industry leaders.

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21 Dec 2022

Supporting Businesses In Ukraine: Full List Of Donors

Since many Ukrainian businesses have been forced to move their headquarters further away from the regions that suffer from military operations due to the full-scale invasion launched in February 2022, international donors offer their financial aid. This review includes the full list of donors offering help to Ukrainian businesses by sectors.

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15 Nov 2022

MIGA Insurance: What It Is, How It Works, How To Get It

This article provides an extensive guide about the policy of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency insurance (MIGA). It includes the detailed algorithm of issuing guarantees as a step-by-step process, the list of eligible countries, and resolution of claims. It also describes the latest projects covered by MIGA over the past 2 years.

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