Ukrainian game development market in a nutshell

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Playtika, Plarium and Moon Active built their global success based in Ukrainian R&D offices. Two new PC game developers are highlighted in our research Fishing Planet and Game Labs demonstrated significant popularity in their genres and have potential for active future development of their franchises. It is the result of our research that would be presented trough this article.

We discover Ukrainian game development market and highlight the most successful studios that are located in Ukraine.


Game developers and publishers do not share data about games success homogeneously. Moreover, most of the Ukrainian game development companies are private. Hence, there are limited information for their comparison.

Leopolis partnered with Esport Charts for conducting this research based on the games streaming data. We used Streaming data as a proxy for revenue generated by games, because it could be collected for all streamed games and it is homogeneous for comparison different games between themselves. As games generate their revenues by selling copies of games. Hence the most successful games in terms of revenue are popular among of players. It creates demand for streaming and streamers cover it.

Limitation of our methodology is related with popular hyper-casual games that are not suitable for streaming and data about them do not represent their popularity. To cope with it we just use data about their revenues in mobile app stores.

Before we get to the numbers, let`s familiarize yourself with our research partner Esport Charts. It is unique analytic service with comprehensive viewership data. Gathers data from all streaming platforms in real time Profound library of streaming data.

Intro in the new metrics used for the analysis

Hours watchedNumber of hours viewers spend watching game
Hours watched = Average number of viewers * Airtime in hours
Peak viewersThe highest number of viewers watching content
Average viewersAverage number of viewers watching content
Peak channelsThe highest number of concurrently active channels in the game category
Average channelsAverage number of concurrently active channels in the game category
Last month revenueNet revenue generated by app
Collected on daily basis via API from IOS and Google App stores
Last month downloadsUnique downloads of app by account



Ukrainian game development market is part of highly developing IT industry of Ukraine.

Largest expertise and aggregated success is demonstrated by Ukrainian shooters.

Simulators show the highest success-games ratio. Popular genre with a small number of games.

Majority of the most popular Ukrainian games are old franchises.

Fishing planet is unique multi-player simulator standing out from entire list of Ukrainian games.

Two world-known Ukrainian developers GSC and 4A games are Ukrainian market leaders.

Fishing planet is indie game developer with focus on one successful game.

Game Labs is developer with successful game series in two genres: strategy and simulator.

Hyper-casual games generate significant revenue, but with low popularity on streaming.

Action games are suitable for streaming and show high popularity of it.

Coin Master dominates its peers in terms of revenue.

Playtika published 70% of the most successful Ukraine-related games.

Plarium created second world-known title after Vikings game.


  • Help to engage with highlighted companies in the report
  • Help with search of R&D team/office in Ukraine
  • Provide research for peer comparison in Game Development Industry
  • Perform Commercial DUE Diligence for Game Development company

If you have any questions or want to have full research with annexes, please get in touch with the Leopolis team:

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